It has come to this point

Drum roll for part SEVEN !!!

Okay so hum, according to Amy who heard it from Josh who talked about it with Penelope who heard Will talking about it with Matt, Will likes me. No kidding. Well… It’s not like it’s a completely reliable source but you know, better than nothing for a girl who’s got a massive crush on the guy !


But why ? What did I do to get such a perfect guy to like me ? Nah, it can’t be, must be a joke. Or he was talking about another Vicky, that makes a lot more sense ! Vicky is a common name… Maybe she’s even a Victoria who gets called Vicky by her friends or more than friends…

No need to overreact, it’s a big school, there can be other girls with the same name… I could try and check the school directory, yeah !

Okay so I checked and there are 20 Vickies at this school. Fucking great ! How will I know which one he’s talking about ?!

I’m screwed, I can’t just ask him ! I’ll have to wait and wait and wait for him to drop clues absentmindedly, great !

And so the waiting begins :/

Uh huh, part siiiiiiiiiiiiix everybody !

I still couldn’t believe that he had said yes.

As soon as his answer was processed by my brain, I twisted in my seat, my back now resting against the window so I could face him.

- “Okay, I’ll start with an easy one : What’s your favorite color ?”

- “Red, yours ?”

- “Aqua. Your turn.”

- “…Okay ! Huuuum, favorite hobby ?”

- “Don’t judge me, buuuuut… It’s watching tv series and movies… Yours ?”

- “I won’t judge you, don’t worry… I’m a gamer so I totally understand…”

I didn’t see that one coming. I thought he was all cool, going out in clubs… Not playing video games with other guys all night long… Anyway.

- “Phew, good to know ! Okay, my turn… “

I started to think about the question I really wanted to ask him, and thought why the hell not ?! We are in a question game, and any question is a good question… So I asked him :

- “So, Will, I have to ask because I’m curious… Do you have a girlfriend ?”

He didn’t seem to find my question disturbing because without skipping a beat he said :

- “Nope. You ?”

- “I don’t have a girlfriend, no…” I replied, teasing.

- “Ha, funny. Do I really need to say it ? Fine ! Do you have a boyfriend ?”

- “There you go, was it that hard ? And to answer your question, no, I don’t have a boyfriend. Your turn.

- “Huuuuuuuuuuum, favorite tv show ?”

- “Ohhhh, are you sure you are ready for this conversation ?” I joked

- “What, why ?” He asked confused

- “Let me explain…” I started

We continued our little questioning game for the rest of the ride and I learned a lot of random facts about him. He was easy to talk to, fun and sweet… I couldn’t ask for more than that I think… Plus, he’s hot… It’s really like the whole package. It’s a shame though that I still don’t know how he feels about me ! I’m starting to wonder if I ever will know… :/

This is part fiiiiive !

So, I decided to actually try and drop little hints that I was interested in him. I don’t know if it’ll work, but at least if he doesn’t feel the same way, our friendship will remain the same… And I’ll be level 99 friendzoned but yeah, we’ll still be friends.

I decided to use the morning and evening hour-long bus ride home trying to make him get the hint.

We were sitting next to each other and there was a comfortable silence between us, the last topic we had talked about ending naturally. Then something popped into my brain : we could play 20 questions and just get to know each other better ! Plus I’d get to ask him if he has a girlfriend… I can’t not do it now !

- “Wiiiiiiiill ?” I asked, like a child.
- “You want something, what is it ?” He asked suspiciously
- I’m bored, so you’re gonna play 20 questions with me !
He looked at me for a moment, taking in my big smile and I guess I was too irresistible to deny because he simply said :
- “Okay.”
Let the game begin.

This is part fouuuuuur !!

He gave me his number and I gave him mine. We started texting and it was nice. I had never had someone texting me good morning and good night religiously everyday and I liked it. It was like having found a best friend that I never had. A best friend that you wouldn’t mind snogging, but still. The worst in all that is that being friends is not all that I wanted with him. I was still where I was when I first started daydreaming about him : I wanted him as my boyfriend, if he was interested of course.

How to come on the subject of something so hard to talk about ? It’s all ‘what if he doesn’t feel the same way?’ and ‘We’re just friends, come on, how could you score a guy like him?!’… But I guess that I have to tell myself that ‘you can’t lose what you never had’… What’s making me hesitate is that the little I have with him is worth something to me, and I’m not sure if I want to jeopardize it. 

What to do? Either way there’s something not going like I want it to. 

This is part three…

The non-speaking thing went on for a couple of days; he’d sit next to me and not say a thing for the whole ride. Morning AND evening.
I grew tired of it, it was kinda like having a stalker… A reaaaally cute stalker, but still a stalker.
“Okay so what do you want with me ?” I asked him
He seemed surprised that I would talk to him, but nonetheless answered : “Huh, I, I… You huh… Intrigue me…”
“So because I ‘intrigue’ you, you have to sit next to me on the bus, not talk to me and look at me intensely all day long ?”
He seemed to ponder a bit on that before answering : “Ha, when you say it like that, I actually do sound creepy… I’m sorry.”
I think I had imagined this scene hundreds of times and not once did he apologize… This guy is full of surprises.
“Apology accepted. I think we really had a rough start, that’s all… I’m Vicky.”
“Yeahh well good for you !” He answered, winking.
“Ha, funny”
“Yeah, thought so too.”
“I was being sarcastic”
“So was I…”
“Where is this going ?”
“I have nooooo idea !”
“Good thing this is my stop then, ttyt !”
“Ttyt ?”
“Haha, Talk To You Tomorrow ! Come on it’s not that hard !”
“Huh ?”
“What ?! Don’t tell me you don’t know what I said ?”
“Funny ! I don’t think ANYBODY could’ve known what you just said !”
“Shut Up, Don’t Talk To Me You’re Mean !”
“Rightttt ! I don’t know why I didn’t get it before ! It’s so obvy…”
“Told you !”
“Well ‘pfffff’ to you too !”
“Uh huh, bye !”
“Bye !”
I got off the bus and as I walked home, all I could think of was him and how I was glad that we had finally talked. Who knew where this was going now ?

This is part two.

I couldn’t believe it… I had a gorgeous guy in the same bus as me since the beggining of the year and I didn’t know it !
But right now this is not what I should be focussing on… What the fuck am I gonna do with him sitting next to me for a whole hour ? It’s not like I could get out at the next stop because I just got on and would look like even a bigger fool. Maybe I could just plug my earphones in, close my eyes and he’d leave me alone for the ride ?
Worth a try.
As soon as Ed Sheeran fills my ears with his beautiful voice, I am relaxed; if he talks to me, I’ll just pretend I’m not hearing what he’s saying.
Yes, it is rude but what do you want me to do ? Talk to the guy ? I don’t think so !
Anyway. We pass about ten stops before I hear someone talking to me and I pretend I am not hearing a thing. I wonder if he’s going to give up. I hope so, otherwise it’ll just be annoying… And not only for me, but for the other passengers as well !
The talking stops and just when I think I’ve won, my beloved earplugs are brutally snatched away from me.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I ask him
“With me ?! You’re funny ! I’ve been trying to talk to you for like 15 minutes and all you’ve done is ignoring me over and over, pretending that you weren’t hearing me… ”
Ouch. Yeah when he puts it like that, I do sound wacko…
“Well didn’t that tell you something ? Maybe that I DIDN’T want to talk to you ?”
“And why wouldn’t you want to talk to me ? We don’t even really know each other…”
Ohhh why must he insist so hard ?!
“Yeah we do not really know each other so why so eager to talk to me in the first place ?!”
“Hey ! I’m not the one who looked at someone they didn’t know with dreamy eyes !”
He got a point.
“I was daydreaming, period.”
“If you say so… By the way I’m Will” He said, trying I think to save the situation a bit. But I wasn’t going to let him win so easily.
“Yeah ? Good for you. Earplugs now ?”
He seemed confused as to why I’d talk about earplugs but then remembered what he had in his hands and sheepishly gave them back to me. I pressed play and we didn’t speak for the rest of the ride even though I could feel his eyes on me the whole time…

Sooooo whaddaya think ? :D Did you like it ?
More to come soon, I hope :p

Yeah, so I’m no good with titles…

Okay, just so you can picture me a bit, I think I have to describe myself…
- Chestnut hair stopping midback
- Blue eyes
- 5’3
- 130 lbs
There you go, boring part done and now we can move on to the story ! :D


So there’s this guy. He’s in like all my classes and he’s hot. Let’s call him Will…
Will is taller than me, with hair and eyes as dark as the midnight sky.
We were in class, listening to the boring lecture our beloved teached was doing and I was daydreaming about him and how it would feel if I could actually kiss him, go out with him or even call him my boyfriend.
I had no idea if he even liked me .. School had started not so long ago and we didn’t know everyone that well.
As my day dreaming went on, it’s only too late that I found out that Will was looking straight at my face with a questioning glance as to why I was staring at him like an idiot…
Of course, like that wasn’t enough, I had to blush and have the pleasure of seeing myself becoming red not only in the face, buuuuut wait for it, even on my arms and neck.
He was still looking so I dropped my head on my desk hoping the teacher wouldn’t see me.
The bell rang and I almost jumped out of my seat to get out of the class as fast as I could. It was the last class of the day and I had to take the city bus to go home so I didn’t want to miss it. Like that was the reason, haha… -.-
Anyway, I picked up all of my things at my locker and then went to the bus stop. The bus arrived almost immediately and I went on, choosing a window seat. I wasn’t looking at the people coming in and I soon felt the seat next to me sinking, meaning someone had just sat. Wanting to know who it was, I had a quick unseen glance toward my neighbor and found out, you’ve guessed it, that it was Will.


Soooo ! What do you want to see happen next ? Will talking to her ? Ignore her ? Flirt with her ? I’m all ears ! ;)

It has come to this point

Yes indeed… After watching too much, a lot of awkward., Jenna Hamilton’s blog inspired me… And then it depressed me, because I have no action whatsoever in the boys’ department. 

So I figured that I could, too, write some fiction about what should happen with some guys in my classes… ONLY the cute ones, of course. It can be a place where I am noooooo sloppy second, or like 26th on the list… 

Interested ?

And you know, if you too are in this sad lonely little place called celibacy, you can always replace my name with yours ! ;) 

I’ll post soon… xx